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Pampered Pups

Pampered Pups Calming Chews

$33.00 USD

Chewable treats are fantastic for helping your pet relax in stressful conditions. Times of high stress can be incredibly difficult for pets AND their owners. Our treats are an all natural remedy to help your dog relax during stressful times such as fireworks, being around a lot of people or even when you visit your vet!

Anxiety in dogs is triggered by a wide variety of factors. The good news is targeted nutritional supplements are shown to help. Our proprietary calming with hemp formula contains key ingredients such as chamomile, passion flower, valerian root, organic hemp seed oil and organic hemp seed powder. These ingredients have been shown to reduce anxiety and create a calming effect.

Key Benefits:

• Shown to Reduce Anxiety
• Known to Create a Calming Effect
• Helps Improve Well Being
• Provides Essential Fatty Acids
• Rich in Protein, Amino Acids and Fiber